Peru – Sharon Malcolm

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Sharon’s first few years on the mission field were in Central Guatemala and for the past seven years she’s given her full time to the villages near the town of Yurimaguas in the Amazonian jungles of Peru.

In this work Sharon has developed practical and safe ways to improve the quality of life for villages while sharing the life and love of Jesus Christ.

With the help of teams from Winding Creek and other church churches she has installed rainwater catchment systems, in-hut stoves, and latrines. These have provided clean drinking water, a safe and healthy means of cooking and improved sanitary conditions.

Just as important, her service projects have helped develop trusted friendships that have opened the door to share the gospel, resulting in a number of conversions to Christ.

Betel – Kent & Mary Alice Martin

Headquartered in Birmingham, England, for the last fifteen years Kent and Mary Alice Martin have worked with people fighting heroin and other kinds of addictions. Betel is a worldwide ministry that began in Spain. The name betel in Spanish means ‘house of peace.’

As the most successful program in the world for helping addicts break free and stay free from addiction, Betel is helping people in many countries. The centerpiece of the program is helping former addicts build a new life on the foundation of faith in Jesus Christ and discipleship.

For more information visit: http://http://betel.uk

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