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    In worship, we ought to experience something ‘other’. Something outside the ordinary. Something uniquely inspiring. Genuine worship is where two worlds join — ours and heaven’s. Jesus taught that when accompanied by the dynamic power of the Holy Spirit, worship has the power to transform, offering a taste of the world to come. It’s there that singles, marriages, families, even communities can be renewed, restored and empowered. (continued below)

How Worship Works

Worship is not only extraordinary, it’s exclusive. As the One non-created being in all the universe, worship is reserved for God alone. We can admire great people or be in awe of the Grand Canyon, but no matter how wonderful something is, the Creator-God is distinct and infinite.

In reserving worship for himself, God is not being selfish. Instead, he wants our best. When we seek our ultimate happiness or security in our job, family, relationships, addictions or any other thing, it leads only to heartbreak.

God gave us a world of good things to enjoy, but he alone can provide genuine human flourishing.

Why worship the God of the Bible?

But some ask “Why biblical worship?” And “How could such an ancient book still be relevant?” It’s important to know that not only does the Bible address modern challenges, but it’s precisely because it is such an ancient book that we both need and can rely on its answers.

In a world of ever-shifting values we need guidance from somewhere far outside ourselves. We need an unchanging, reliable truth, firmly anchored in the bedrock of eternity and ultimate reality.

A Road-map for Living

When we move beyond casual inquiry, the Bible evidences itself as that very thing. Its wisdom rings as a true communication from Creator-God to mankind, providing a reliable roadmap for living. Also, God’s design for worship is not merely ethereal but relates to the most practical areas of life. Whether single or married, younger or older, interacting with its truths can be both practical and transforming.

An Invitation to Ultimate Relationship

Finally, God doesn’t merely accept or tolerate us.

John’s gospel shows how the heavenly Father actually pursues worshipers. (John 4:23-24) Later John records a prayer by Jesus revealing God’s desire that we participate in the same selfless love relationship that has existed and been shared by the Father, Son and Holy Spirit from all eternity. (John 17:23)

In short, this same God who created galaxies, oceans, canyons and people draws us to himself to share in his own life! Through his Son and Spirit we’re invited to personally know and interact with him in an ongoing way. In fact, that’s the center-piece of his great plan!

You’re Invited!

Are you interested in inspiring worship? Are you drawn to know more about God through the careful handling of Scripture?

Then you’re invited to join us this Sunday.

At Winding Creek, we hope to meet people who want to investigate the truths of  the Bible, and to learn more about this God whose intention is to renew singles, families, communities, nations and eventually all of the creation!

We hope to see you very soon!

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